TitleDelivered ByCentral PassageDate
God's Unfailing LoveRev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.Psalms 36:5Sunday,
November 24, 2019
Since We Are Saved By Grace (Music: "When The Saints Go Marching In" Alex Lowe)Rev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.Ephesians 2:8-10Sunday,
November 17, 2019
Continue in Prayer (Music: "Center Of My Joy" Marlon Campbell)Rev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.Colossians 4: 2-4Sunday,
November 10, 2019
When People Know JesusRev. Jose Omar VelasquezSunday,
November 3, 2019
Freedom Like Never Before (Music - 'If not for the old rugged cross' - Choir, solo- Rick Woods)Rev. Victor OkeIsaiah 58:6-12Sunday,
October 27, 2019
Due to technical difficulties, there is no recording this week.Apologies AV TeamSunday,
October 20, 2019
Now on Whom dost Thou Trust (Music: "Brand New Morning" Sanctuary Choir)Rev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.Isaiah 36.5Sunday,
October 13, 2019
The Thief (Music: Yayri Campos "Gloria, Gloria en lo alto")Rev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.John 10:10Sunday,
October 6, 2019
Second Chances (Music: "Oceans" - Cecil Haney)Rev. Javon A. Voglezon, Sr.Joshua 3:1-2Sunday,
September 29, 2019
Do not be discouraged (Music: My Tribute - Solo Marlon Campbell with Sanctuary Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Joshua 1:9Sunday,
September 22, 2019
The Crisis of Belief (Music: O'Lord - Sahail Njinjo)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Hebrews 11:6Sunday,
September 15, 2019
The Way of Love. (Music- Come Holy Spirit, Sanctuary Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.1 Corinthians 13:7Sunday,
September 8, 2019
ForgivenessRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 6:14-15Sunday,
September 1, 2019
Do You Want to Be a Disciple?Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 16:24-25Sunday,
August 25, 2019
Be the Salt, Be the Light (Music: He wants it all - Sheret Abegley)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 5:13-15Sunday,
August 18, 2019
Guilty Before GodRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Romans 1:18-32Sunday,
August 11, 2019
In Season Out of Season (Music -I said a prayer for you today- Mary Harding)Rev. Victor Oke2 Timothy 4:1-5Sunday,
August 4, 2019
God's Power Unto Salvation (Music "My Church" - Sahail Njinjo)Deacon Pete SainvilierRomans 1:16Sunday,
July 28, 2019
Do you want JesusRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Mark 10:46-32Sunday,
July 21, 2019
That You Joy May Be Full (Music: 'I've got the joy down in my heart' - Congregation)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.1 John 1:4Sunday,
July 14, 2019
Repentance Fruit of a Changed Life (Music: 'Tomorrow' - Marlon Campbell)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 3:8-10Sunday,
July 7, 2019
Zoom in! Focus on Jesus Part 2Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.John 30:31Sunday,
June 30, 2019
Zoom in! Focus on JesusRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.John 30:31Sunday,
June 23, 2019
Busyness Part 2Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Ephesians 6:10-13Sunday,
June 16, 2019
Busyness/Situational Awareness #2 (Music: Thou O Lord - Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Ephesians 6:10-13Sunday,
June 9, 2019
Sanctification, A Fruit for EternityPastor Omar VelasquezRomans 6:22Sunday,
June 2, 2019
When Jesus Stills the Storm (Music: "Stand by me" Dr. Cochoran)Dr. Robert CochoranMark 4:35-41Sunday,
May 26, 2019
Walk by Faith Part II (Music - "Amazing Grace - Sanctuary Choir"Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Hebrews 11:1Sunday,
May 19, 2019
A Mother's Agony (Music -"Just a little talk with Jesus" Men of Praise)Rev. Victor Oke1 Samuel 1:9-18Sunday,
May 12, 2019
Walk by Faith (Music "WayMaker/Creador de Caminos", Hispanic Sunday SchoolRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Hebrews 11:1Sunday,
May 5, 2019
Is He WorthyRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Revelation 5:5Sunday,
April 28, 2019
We Serve A Risen SaviorRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 28:5-6Sunday,
April 21, 2019
What is God's Perspective (Music: Love Without Condition - Yayri Campos)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Job 42:12-17Sunday,
April 7, 2019
A Look From Jesus (Music: "Midnight Cry" - Marlon Campbell)Rev. Osaze MurrayMark 10:17-22Sunday,
March 31, 2019
God Will Make a Way (Music: "Empower us Lord" Sanctuary Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Corinthians 10:13Sunday,
March 24, 2019
Obedience Under Grace (Music: "Grace Alone" Sheret Abegley)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Romans 6:15Sunday,
March 17, 2019
Christ Died For UsRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Romans 5:8Sunday,
March 10, 2019
The Peace of God Part 2 (Music:"He is coming soon" Hispanic Church)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Philippians 4:7Sunday,
March 3, 2019
The Peace of God (Music: "Deep River Medley" Corleigh and Alyssa Forrester)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Philippians 4:7Sunday,
February 24, 2019
The Prayer of Moses-An unexpected answer to prayer (Music: "Joshua fit the battle" Choir)Rev. Osaze MurrayNumbers 11:10-23Sunday,
February 17, 2019
Worry about nothing, pray about everything, part 2Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Philippians 4:6Sunday,
February 10, 2019
Worry about nothing, pray about everything (Music "Ride the Chariot" - Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Philippians 4:6Sunday,
February 3, 2019
Grace and MercyRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Ephesians 2:4-5Sunday,
January 27, 2019
Barriers to the Faith (Music "I Shall Wear a Crown" Choir)Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.John 4:1-26Thursday,
January 24, 2019
Continue in PrayerRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Colossians 4:2Sunday,
January 6, 2019
David's Firm Resolution (Music "My Tribute" Marlon Campbell)Deacon Pete SainvilierPsalm 34:1Sunday,
December 30, 2018
Wilderness Specialist But a ProphetRev. Victor OkeLuke 1:68-79Sunday,
December 23, 2018
Who are you looking for?Rev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 2:1-12Sunday,
December 9, 2018
True Prayer is Always True PowerRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Daniel 6:10-11Sunday,
December 2, 2018
Jesus Christ our True PriestRev. Victor OkeHebrews 7:21-28Sunday,
November 25, 2018
Jehovah JirehRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Genesis 22:12-14Sunday,
November 18, 2018
Knowing God by experienceRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Exodus 17:5-15Sunday,
November 11, 2018
It's a love relationshipRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Matthew 22:37-38Sunday,
November 4, 2018
Change and HopeDr. Robert CochoranIsaiah 45:14-20Sunday,
October 14, 2018
Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perishRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Luke 13:1-5Sunday,
October 7, 2018
Trust and obey the Lord lest you be influenced and contaminatedRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.1 Kings 11:1-4Sunday,
September 30, 2018
Put it on my tab, no credit, no problemRev. Victor OkePhilemon verses 8 to 22Sunday,
September 23, 2018
Here I am, Send MeRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Isaiah 6:8Sunday,
September 9, 2018
The Suffering Servant and Reigning KingRev. Victor OkeMark 8:27-38Sunday,
September 2, 2018
You Are Never AloneRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.1 Kings 19:10Sunday,
August 26, 2018
Whom Will You Serve God or BaalRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.1 Kings 18:21Sunday,
August 19, 2018
Choose One: Head or the TailRev. Victor OkeLuke 10:38-42Sunday,
August 12, 2018
The Blessed Assurance of Our SalvationRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.John 10:28-29Sunday,
August 5, 2018
Keep the Fire Burning, It Shall Never Go OutRev. Javon Voglezon, Sr.Leviticus 6:13Sunday,
July 29, 2018
Loose Him and Let Him GoRev. Victor OkeJohn 11:30-46Sunday,
July 22, 2018
Reverent Fear of GodRev. Javon VoglezonEcclesiastes 12:13-14Sunday,
July 15, 2018
Wisdom Cries OutRev. Javon VoglezonProverbs 1:20 -33Sunday,
July 8, 2018
Jesus brings me joy Rev. Javon VoglezonActs 16:23-25Sunday,
July 1, 2018
Jesus Cares About MeRev. Javon VoglezonLuke 15:1-7Sunday,
June 24, 2018
David's Mighty MenRev. Javon Voglezon2 Samuel 23:8-39 Sunday,
June 17, 2018
The Letter to the Laodicean Church re LukewarmnessRev. Javon VoglezonRev. 3:14-22Sunday,
June 10, 2018
Salt and LightRev. Javon VoglezonMatthew 5:13-16 Sunday,
June 3, 2018
TruthRev. Javon Voglezon2 Peter 1:12Sunday,
May 27, 2018
Your adversary the devilRev. Javon Voglezon1 Peter 5:8-10Sunday,
May 20, 2018
Honor Your MotherRev. Javon VoglezonEphesians 6:1-3Sunday,
May 13, 2018
You are not lucky, you are lovedRev. Javon VoglezonJohn 15:9-17Sunday,
May 6, 2018
The Cross - Certainty in an Uncertain WorldRev. Osaze Murray2 Timothy 4:6-8Sunday,
April 29, 2018
Does Jesus Know YouRev. Javon VoglezonMatthew 7:21-23Sunday,
April 22, 2018
Filled with the Holy Spirit Rev. Javon VoglezonEphesians 5:18 Sunday,
April 15, 2018
11:00 AM
Calling: Reason, Season or LifetimePastor Osaze Murray2 Timothy 1:5-9Sunday,
March 18, 2018
Grieving the Holy SpiritRev. Javon VoglezonEphesians 4:30 (KJV)Sunday,
March 4, 2018
The Person of the Holy Spirit - Part 2Rev. Javon VoglezonJohn 14:17 (KJV)Sunday,
February 25, 2018
The Person of the Holy SpiritRev. Javon VoglezonJohn 14:17 Sunday,
February 18, 2018
The Holy Spirit- The work of the Holy Spirit” Pastor Javon VoglezonJohn 16:13-15 Sunday,
February 11, 2018
11:00 AM
We Desire His WillRev. Victor OkeRomans 10:13-21 Sunday,
February 4, 2018
The Work of the Holy Spirit Part 2Rev. Javon VoglezonJohn 16:8-11 (KJV)Sunday,
January 28, 2018
The Work of the Holy Spirit Rev. Javon VoglezonJohn 16: 8-11Sunday,
January 21, 2018
God's 2017Rev. Javon VoglezonPhilippians 4:13Sunday,
January 7, 2018