Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Bible Study

Next class:   Wednesday 9 June 2021

Time:  7 PM - 8 PM.

Study Book:  Isaiah - A 12-Week Study by Drew Hunter

Scripture:  Isaiah 58 - 59

Class Content:  In the previous class we focused on Isaiah 56 and Isaiah 55.  We discussed how the promise of Salvation was extended to all the nations and how there would be no peace for Israel's irresponsible leaders (priests and prophets) that should have been warning God's people and giving out the Word of God (but they were ignorant to it).  We also discussed how God will heal those who repent and provide them peace.  We reviewed the first 2 questions found on page 76 of the study guide.   

Homework:  Review in your Bible Isaiah 58-59. Review the 3rd question on page 76  and those on page 77 & 78 of the study guide.  Also let me know of what book of the Bible you would like to study next.


As discussed in a prior class, you might also read this short summary of the Servant Songs of Isaiah Click Here

Additional References:

A reference is also available to you - Knowing God Through Isaiah Click Here

Also, Brother Emmanuel provided the following 2 video links to support our study of the book of Isaiah.






















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