Sunday School

Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m. 

Come learn more about the Word and prepare for worship. We offer Sunday School classes for young children, middle school, high school and adults as well as a staffed nursery. 

Children's Classes

Wee Ones - Room 101 (Educational Building)

Infants and toddlers are cared for in our nursery during Sunday School class time from 10:00 to 11:00am The nursery is supplied with toys, books, puzzles, cribs, a changing table, and adjoining bathroom and kitchen facilities. The caregiver tells short Bible stories, sings songs, plays music, and initiates other plan activities geared toward reaching our goal of sharing Gods love and truth to the youngest in our church family.

Early Childhood Class Room 105 (Educational Building)

The activities in the early childhood classroom are geared toward teaching Gods word to children who are developmentally able to participate in structured activities. The children listen to Bible stories, learn Bible facts, sing songs and engage in other teacher directed crafts and games designed to implant Gods word in the hearts and minds of young children.

Upper Elementary - School Class Room 106 (Educational Building)

The teacher in this classroom develops lessons and other structured activities to students who have the reading skills necessary to read their Bible. The children engage in songs, Bible study, prayer, memory verses, and participate in a variety of crafts, games, and other teacher directed activities. Application of Biblical principles to their everyday life is an emphasis in this classroom for older elementary school age children.

Youth Classes

Middle School Classes Young Disciples Fellowship - Room 3 (under sanctuary)

This group explores the Old and New Testaments to learn what the Bible teaches about faith, prayer, family, school, relationships, and Gods purpose for their lives.

High School Classes New Beginnings Fellowship - Room 6 (under sanctuary)

This group studies the Scripture and is challenged through questions and discussion to think about how the Word of God can be applied to the decisions they make regarding spiritual growth, friend, school, and future direction.

Adult Classes

Finders Fellowship Bible study for Women - Room 1 - (under sanctuary)

This group studies an individual book in the Bible on a verse-by-verse basis, in order to learn what the Bible says and how to apply its teachings in our lives.

Faith Builders Fellowship Room 203 (Educational Building)

The goal of this group of men and women is to strengthen our faith in God through studying the Bible, sharing life experiences, and sharing our interpretation of the Scriptures as God helps us to understand His Word.

Truth for Living Fellowship Room 200 (Educational Building)

This group (coed) studies Scripture using an in-depth verse-by-verse approach that includes the historical context and Biblical languages to illuminate the test. The meaning and application of Gods Word are thoroughly discussed.

Seasoned Christian Fellowship - Prayer Room

This group studies Scripture in-depth. From time to time, inspirational books, such as The Purpose Driven Life are used as study guides.